Workshops & Talks


“A great motivation for my team. The hands on approach of see it and try it was invaluable, made us active participants and gave us confidence to try this as soon as we get back. Loved being able to ask questions and get feedback straight away. Resources and planning behind today remarkable. The team and I are eager to begin this journey with students and our levels now.” – Workshop participant (ICT Co-ordinator)

Based on staff feedback, we found Anthony to be an engaging and motivating presenter. He targeted the audience perfectly and left us eager to explore and experiment more with Google Apps” – Workshop participant (School Principal)

“It was a delight to work with Anthony. His presentation was outstanding and he inspired the group he worked with. His knowledge in the area of Google, ICT, Learning and Teaching was of an extremely high level.” – Workshop participant (Teaching & Learning Leader)

“Very engaging, the training and guidance you deliver is unparalleled, particularly showing how realistic it is to enhance the way you can teach and measure. You demonstrate “best practises”, and participants see real world examples within schools, which resonates far better with the teachers.” – Network organiser (Business Development Manager)

“I loved the enthusiasm of the presenter and how easy he made it all seem. I can see the huge potential of google working in the classrooms for the benefit of the students.” – Workshop participant (Classroom Teacher)

Workshops and Talks