Google Apps For Education – What is it (good for)?

Today I have been asked to speak at the CEOM Eastern ICT Network Meeting and discuss some of the ways that our school has been using Google Apps For Education. This presentation draws on some previous work around Google Forms for assessment, Google Sites for e-portfolios, and Genius Hour.

Today’s presentation is titled “GAFE – What is it (good for)?” and showcases some of our recent highlights and successes of using Google Apps For Education in transformative ways. The slides can be accessed here or below:

Registrations open for “Digital storytelling through multimodal texts, the what, why and how”

On Thursday the 27th of February, I will be presenting a course on digital story telling and multimodal texts on behalf of the Primary English Teaching Assosciation Australia (PETAA) at my school. I look forward to connecting and sharing with fellow educators about one of my pet passions.

In this session we will be:
discovering what multimodal texts are, the various forms they take, and their role in today’s society
using of a framework to analyse, understand and create multimodal texts
understanding how to engage students in analysing and creating multimodal texts through writing and authoring processes using a variety of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Registration is via the PETAA web site and a full description can be found here.

TeachMeet Melb – #GeniusHour at St. Mark’s PS

Today I  will be presenting at TeachMeet Melbourne on our school’s recent #GeniusHour projects. In 2013, I also presented at a TeachMeet describing how we were just getting started with #Geniushour with our students. Today’s presentation is about what we have since learnt from the second half of 2013.

The presentation can be found here or below: