“What characteristics does Google look for in their employees?”


The Google Apps For Education summit and all of it’s “Googly Goodness” doesn’t kick off until tomorrow, but this afternoon +Riss and I had the pleasure of attending a pre-summit tour of the Sydney Google offices hosted by +Suan.


+Riss asked +Suan a very provoking question, “What characteristics does Google look for in their employees?”. His responses echoed sentiments of what Intel told us last year on the ACCE13 Study Tour, that Google employees are to be open minded to the constant of change, team players and collaborators, and skilled at finding problems and designing solutions.

For +Riss  and I it sparked 2 important questions. If education is to prepare our young minds for their future lives and to supply workforces:

how much of our teaching & learning is genuinely geared towards team work, problem finding, designing solutions and a healthy attitude for the unknown? Moreover, if teachers are not open-minded to change, how can they expect their students to be?


Taking these questions as a lens will be a great way to kick off tomorrow’s summit!

Google Apps For Education Summit Sydney (2014)

Next week the 2014 Google Apps For Education Summit tour lands in Sydney. Last year’s summit in January 2013 was the real starting point for me and my school’s journey with Google Apps For Education. This year I have the privilege of sharing 2 presentations at the Sydney summit. All of my presentations and resources can be found below:


Unleashing the potential of Google Forms:


Session description: http://bit.ly/1jzhZXE

Presentation: http://bit.ly/1sOMihZ

Resources: http://bit.ly/1hzmSBg

Example form: http://bit.ly/1efTpvH


E-portfolios made easy with GAFE

Session description: http://bit.ly/1hI1Pqk

Presentation: http://bit.ly/1qppMK9

Resources:    http://bit.ly/1kRPmnJ

Brainstorm: http://bit.ly/Qfdc32