Web2 course M8: RSS

This is a reflection post as part of a Professional Development course our school is undertaking.

In this module, participants were encouraged to consider how RSS technology can be used to manage the flow of information from the web. It was suggested that we use Google Reader, which is a tool that I have used in the past. Unfortunately, come July 2013, Google Reader will be no more. Despite all the hysteria, and even protests, I think RSS is here to stay a little while longer even if Google has dropped one of their main tools to utilise the technology.

Earlier in the year when it was first announced that Google Reader would be discontinued, I immediately looked into a tool that would take care of my daily RSS feeds. I had been experimenting with Pulse on my Android tablet for some time, but wasn’t really happy with the experience when using it on the desktop via Chrome. I came across Feedly, which happily offered to take all my current feeds from Google Reader by signing in with my google account. The experience was easy and pain free! I am now enjoying my news on feedly, which works well seamlessly on the desktop and across mobile devices.

Other thoughts / musings:

How do you manage your RSS feeds?

2 thoughts on “Web2 course M8: RSS

  1. Hi Anth,

    Thanks for the Techie Brekkie on Friday. Good to know about Feedly before starting Module 8.

    Well done on the blog! Very professional as usual!


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