Unleashing the potential of Google Forms at #iii13

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of presenting a session at the Ignite, Innovate, Integrate conference at Kingswood Primary. This session is pretty much a re-run of a my workshop at ICTEV13 earlier this year.

The session is titled “Unleashing the potential of Google Forms”. The presentation will:

  • Demonstrate a step-by-step process to create a form for collecting data.
  • Demonstrate how Google Forms are being used to create formative assessments in Mathematics to drive differentiated teaching for Year 5/6 students.
  • Examine “Flubaroo”, an add-on script which will correct forms automatically.
  • Discover and share other possibilities in using Google Forms in the classroom.

The prezi for the session can be found here or viewed below, and the list of resources can be accessed here.


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