Digital Technologies Curriculum Summit @ Google

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Digital Technologies Curriculum Summit. Hosted by Google in Sydney, 25 fully funded positions were offered to any educator across Australia to be in attendance at the summit. I was fortunate enough to be 1 of those successful applicants, which was very humbling. As well as the 25 successful applicants, the summit also brought together representatives from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, professional bodies, corporate entities (including Google) and even ACARA.

The purpose of the summit was to discuss the imminent publication of the Digital Technologies curriculum, collaborate in topical unconference sessions, and explore methods of integrating the curriculum and engaging students in Computer Science. It was a terrific opportunity to explore this area of the curriculum with other passionate teachers and important stake holders.


We were spoilt for inspiration by several keynote speakers and workshop presenters:








The positive efforts on Google’s behalf to support teachers in Computer Science can also be seen from their recent announcement of the launching of a MOOC involving  the University of Adelaide and Google. It is envisaged that this free online course will provide primary educators the skills and resources they need to tackle Computer Science with young students, a terrific move to support primary educators.

From this summit, there was an urgency emerging that we need to engage students in computer science, computational thinking, and digital proficiencies at a young age. Teachers and students alike need to look to role models and discover the real world applications of Computer Science, and realise the potential skill set for the work force of the present and the future. The two videos below that were shared at the summit illustrate this really well.




There was much networking, planning and forward thinking that occurred over the two days. I await, and am excited to see how this pans out and continues to evolve in this particular endeavor of education.

The hashtag #googledigiteach was the backchannel for the summit and a storify of all the tweets over the 2 days can be seen here.


4 thoughts on “Digital Technologies Curriculum Summit @ Google

  1. Hi Anthony, thanks for the great round up of the awesome 2 days @ Google learning and sharing with stakeholders from every level of education. I too was humbled by being chosen to be amongst this legendary crew of Geekchers and didn’t want it to end. The energy and enthusiasm for change in all the right areas of the curriculum, teaching professional and student voice was englightening and I felt that I was finally in a room with likeminded educators. Wish we could open a new school with all of us in one place – it would be an awesome space to work learn and play. Cheers


    • Thanks Kim,

      It was great connecting with yourself and others. That’s usually the best thing about these events!



  2. Hi Anthony,

    This is great thanks. I hope you don’t mind but I have included a link in my google doc I am sharing with the IT gurus in my diocese.



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