Google Apps For Education – What is it (good for)?

Today I have been asked to speak at the CEOM Eastern ICT Network Meeting and discuss some of the ways that our school has been using Google Apps For Education. This presentation draws on some previous work around Google Forms for assessment, Google Sites for e-portfolios, and Genius Hour.

Today’s presentation is titled “GAFE – What is it (good for)?” and showcases some of our recent highlights and successes of using Google Apps For Education in transformative ways. The slides can be accessed here or below:

4 thoughts on “Google Apps For Education – What is it (good for)?

  1. I really enjoyed your presentation today Anthony, I love how you are using google forms and sheets to cater for differentiated learning and to extend high achievers and using sites for student portfolios. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us. The students at St Marks are very lucky to have you!


    • Thanks Sharon! I certainly enjoy using GAFE in our school, and I hope it might be useful for anyone else thinking about GAFE.

      Anthony 🙂


  2. Great Presentation on GAFE. Flicked through it and couldn’t think of much that you left out. Awesome resource for anyone unsure or new to GAFE.
    Just wondering what year the implementation of GAFE goes down to in regards to students? Is your whole school 1-to-1? Do Preps get on GAFE?


    • Thanks Aaron,

      Last year it was Staff and 5-6. This year we are scaling 3 – 6 and eventually P – 6. This is in terms of Drive and other apps, but the whole school is now on gmail.



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