Google Apps For Education Summit Sydney (2014)

Next week the 2014 Google Apps For Education Summit tour lands in Sydney. Last year’s summit in January 2013 was the real starting point for me and my school’s journey with Google Apps For Education. This year I have the privilege of sharing 2 presentations at the Sydney summit. All of my presentations and resources can be found below:


Unleashing the potential of Google Forms:

Session description:



Example form:


E-portfolios made easy with GAFE

Session description:




3 thoughts on “Google Apps For Education Summit Sydney (2014)

  1. Hi Anth,
    Absolutely gutted that I didn’t attend #gafesummit in Sydney this year. I hear that there may be a Melbourne summit announced for later this year but if it’s too late, I really want to attend Queensland.
    I can’t seem to get the Easy Portfolio extension to work for me. How possible would it be for you to share your own templates with me so that I can build from that?
    Let me know if this is at all possible. Thanks for all your sharing!
    Katelyn 🙂


    • Hi Katelyn,

      Fingers crossed the Melbourne summit becomes a reality. 🙂

      I have sent you an email, I’m sure I can help you out.



      • Hi Anthony,
        I have all of my fingers crossed for a Melbourne summit! Although a trip to Queensland could be nice…
        Thanks for your help!
        Katelyn 🙂


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