DLTV South Eastern Study Tour @ St. Mark’s Primary School

Today I will be hosting the first leg of Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria‘s South Eastern Study Tour at my school. We will be discussing our progress through the E-Smart framework, the development of the 1:1 laptop program, our use of Google Apps For Education, showcasing our multimedia studio and kidsnews program, our Genius Hour initiative with senior students, and our re-imagination of contemporary learning spaces and pedagogies.

The tour group will then head to Kingswood Primary School.

The slides for today’s presentation can be found here or below:

TeachMeet Melb – #GeniusHour at St. Mark’s PS

Today I  will be presenting at TeachMeet Melbourne on our school’s recent #GeniusHour projects. In 2013, I also presented at a TeachMeet describing how we were just getting started with #Geniushour with our students. Today’s presentation is about what we have since learnt from the second half of 2013.

The presentation can be found here or below:

The future of Maths is in your hands – Embrace IT!

Today I was privileged to deliver a keynote at the 50th Mathematics Association of Victoria annual conference at Latrobe University, Bundoora with Narissa Leung. Narissa and I were asked to bring an ICT spin and our perspective on the role of technology for maths education

Our keynote titled “The future of Maths is in your hands – Embrace IT!” was about the how, the why, and the now of the potential of ICT and mathematics for the plan – teach – assess cycle.

We shared example of some of our favourite tools like Onenote, Evernote, Diigo and Google Apps For Education. We also had a look at some great resources like Numberphile, Dr Tisdell’s Youtube Channel and Real World Math.

Our presentation can be found at http://goo.gl/P8a1UW :

Presenting at the Google Apps For Education summit Melbourne

The GAFE summit tour is coming to Melbourne this week. Earlier this year I attended the summit in Sydney, and if that was anything to go by, I am sure that the Melbourne summit will be just as awesome.

I have the privilege of presenting 2 sessions at the summit, the details of which, can be found below.


Unleashing the potential of Google Forms


Session: http://sched.co/149y53H

Presentation: http://bit.ly/1eW3WuE

Resources: http://bit.ly/GzGd4m


E-portfolios made easy with GAFE

Session: http://sched.co/17t5uHG

Presentation: http://bit.ly/1hh5Ume

Resources: http://bit.ly/GzvFTu

Unleashing the potential of Google Forms at #iii13

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of presenting a session at the Ignite, Innovate, Integrate conference at Kingswood Primary. This session is pretty much a re-run of a my workshop at ICTEV13 earlier this year.

The session is titled “Unleashing the potential of Google Forms”. The presentation will:

  • Demonstrate a step-by-step process to create a form for collecting data.
  • Demonstrate how Google Forms are being used to create formative assessments in Mathematics to drive differentiated teaching for Year 5/6 students.
  • Examine “Flubaroo”, an add-on script which will correct forms automatically.
  • Discover and share other possibilities in using Google Forms in the classroom.

The prezi for the session can be found here or viewed below, and the list of resources can be accessed here.